Thom Yorke Talks Occupy London With Massive Attack's 3D Del Naja: 'Human Beings Have Gotten Their Sh*t Together' (VIDEO)

12/12/2011 11:14 am ET | Updated Dec 12, 2011

Thom Yorke learned everything he knows about the economic crisis from last year's Oscar-winning documentary "Inside Job." Massive Attack's 3D del Naja thinks recent banking is akin to "organized crime." "You don't need to be an anarchist, you don't need to be someone who smashes the state to have sympathy with that viewpoint," Yorke says in this video interview of the two musicians, who last week played a DJ set for Occupy London protestors in the basement of an abandoned former UBS building.

In the video, Yorke -- looking like Tilda Swinton's angry younger brother -- explains why a movement the London police just described as "terrorist activity" is actually proof that "human beings have gotten their shit together." We've got choice excerpts below the video.



"The starting point in my head was that film "Inside Job." Because basically I didn't understand -- I didn't understand how this stuff works. I didn't understand how this city works. And then to have a film basically explain to you that there's a very good reason you don't understand it. They've made it so you don't understand it so they can carry on and you feel that you're powerless.

I feel sad that like with this thing, the way the media will put it across is like, you know, 'The occupy movement, oh trouble-making blah blah blah.' And i think it is interesting that there is so much sympathy for it, you know, and it's obvious why. But people can't put it together in their heads, you know what i mean? Cause like, it's the banking system, it's like the law of God. It's like, beyond us, you know? We're not allowed to think about it, you know? I swear to god that most politicians don't understand the banking system anyway. They're told to mop up, they just mop up."

del Naja:

"The democratic capitalist system is something i think we've all come to realize is one that works. But it hasn't been used properly. It hasn't been regulated. And people say, 'Well that's human nature.' But it's not really. It's not just about humans being greedy. It's about the system and the law and not protecting the right people, and not siding with the right people."


"How else now right now in 2011 would you register your protest? What, would you go and talk to your MP?...We're just really proud that our fellow human beings have gotten their shit together."

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