12/12/2011 01:26 pm ET

Warren Seely, LEGO Kid, Builds Farm Equipment Replicas From Toys (VIDEO)

No matter how hard you worked on it, Warren Seely probably puts even your most beloved LEGO creation to shame.

Dubbed "the LEGO kid," Seely first learned his way around heavy farm equipment while growing up on his parents' Oregon mint farm. He rebuilt his first tractor engine at age 6 and has been using his knowledge of mechanics to build small, working replicas of farm equipment from LEGOs since he was 12-years-old.

At age 15, Seely was already enrolled in community college classes to prep for his career as an electrical engineer.

Over the years, Seely's creations have been displayed at several farming conferences in Washington and Oregon, the Columbia Basin Herald reports.

Seely says his replicas are useful for showing off the inner-workings of heavy equipment without putting onlookers in danger.

"If you go out and look at a real one running, there's gears you can get caught in, chains, PTO drives that people can get wrapped around." Seely said in a YouTube video produced by Washington State University. "This, being pretty accurate to the real one, you can actually look at it and say 'well, here's where danger points are,' and it's a good way to explain how you get those potatoes out of the ground or how you get that mint from the field into an oil."

Of course, we weren't the only ones impressed with Seely's skills.

He's also absolutely fascinating because I totally just watched the entire video below and farm equipment isn't anything I'm remotely interested in. But wow, I feel like I totally learned something.

To see Seely's LEGO models in action, click on the video above.