Winter Salad Recipes (PHOTOS)

12/12/2011 03:49 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2013

As soon as the weather switches to the cooler climate, our eating patterns change with it. No longer are the days of light summer salads with a simple, soft drizzle of olive oil. During winter, we give up our lighter fare for hot plates and bowls of soup. Part of the reason for this shift is that we begin to physically crave warmer, heartier dishes, and part of the reason is that the light summer produce has come to an end.

But the truth is, just because the weather is changing does not mean we have to give up our beloved, healthy salads. We just need to tweak them with a winter makeover. Swapping out light summer produce for heartier -- and surprisingly sweeter -- winter fruits and vegetables does the trick. Building up salads with the addition of meat gives us that extra energy we need to brave the cold of the season.

Click through the slideshow below to explore the possibilities of winter salad. And if you want more ideas to incorporate green into your winter diet, check out In Season Now: 15 Winter Kale Recipes.

10 Refreshing Winter Salads
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