Ann Romney On Husband's Quirks: Mitt Sings 'At The Top Of His Lungs'

12/13/2011 02:36 pm ET

Mitt Romney has had a tough time expressing his personal side to voters, leaving his wife, Ann Romney, with the task of sharing some of his quirkier habits this week.

Romney told The New York Times that her husband is "obsessed" with foods smeared with peanut butter. The former governor also adores chocolate milk, she said.

"He is my most disobedient child," she joked with a group of women on a campaign stop in Iowa -- a comment that is all the more notable because she has five sons. "He likes to play jokes. He likes to always have a light moment," she added.

But the oddest thing she admitted was that her husband loves to sing while on horseback, a habit he developed when he accompanied her on the horseback rides that are part of her treatment for multiple sclerosis.

“We have had the most fun times in the world, literally, on horseback, in the mountains, with Mitt singing at the top of his lungs,” she told the Times

The image of Romney belting out tunes in the saddle will do little to counter the criticism that he's wealthy and detached from average Americans. But it's certainly amusing -- and pundits have noted that Romney could stand to inject more humor into his campaign.

The sharing of these personal vignettes illustrate two ways that Mrs. Romney's involvement and newly raised profile can benefit the campaign: Firstly, to personalize her husband, who can seem overly stiff and formal at times; And secondly, to remind voters of the strength of her 42-year marriage, something that sets Mitt Romney apart from the thrice-married GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich.

Ann Romney's next stop on the campaign trail is a house party in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on Wednesday.

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