12/13/2011 12:33 pm ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

Biggest Celebrity Story Of 2011: Courtney Stodden

You voted and the biggest celebrity story of 2011 is ... the enigma that is Courtney Stodden. Yes, it's true. From Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's split and Amy Winehouse's death to Lindsay Lohan's legal drama and Charlie Sheen's meltdown, our readers decided which headline of the year had them talking the most and Stodden took the cake.

Not far behind the "teen bride" was Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' fairytale wedding and 72-day-later divorce. And whether she likes it or not, Scarlett Johansson takes third place with her leaked nude photo scandal. It certainly hasn't been a boring year in the world of entertainment -- unraveled marriages, sticky fingers and paternity suits have left us thanking our lucky stars that we don't count ourselves among Hollywood's elite.

Do your fellow readers have it right? Weigh in below!

Check out all of the biggest moments below:

Top Celebrity Stories Of 2011


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