12/13/2011 10:43 am ET | Updated Dec 14, 2016

10 Festive Foods For A Hanukkah Celebration

Every year Hanukkah brings together family and friends to commemorate a miraculous event in ancient times, when after the Maccabean revolt, there was only enough holy oil left for a lamp in the temple to burn for one day -- but it burned for eight. All around the world Jews celebrate with eight nights of festivities, including the lighting of the menorah each night, playing games of dreidel, and of course lots of food. What would Hanukkah be without the food?

Since it is the festival of lights, traditional foods include those that are fried in oil, representing the holy oil in the temple. Potato latkes and doughnuts (sufganiyot) are requirements. And brisket is a traditional main course. Browse our collection of recipes, perfect for a holiday feast. You'll find all your favorite Hanukkah foods, including brisket, short ribs, noodle kugel and, of course, latkes and doughnuts.

Hanukkah Foods