Runway Model Was So Busy During Fashion Week She Lost 10 Pounds

12/13/2011 05:45 pm ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

Women's Wear Daily continued its "Model Call" series this week with Vika Falileeva, a tall Russian blonde who walked all of Spring 2012's top shows.

Vika kindly told her "how I was discovered" story and then, like so many others, divulged details on the unique stress that is New York Fashion Week, including this interesting tidbit:

The fall 2012 shows are just a couple months away. Do you do anything to prepare for the chaos?
Sleep all day and eat a lot actually, because I lost like five kilograms last time. I was superskinny. You don't have time to eat. We have castings, shows, fittings, refits, more castings, more shows.

For those without a European mathematical mind, 5 kilograms is about 11 pounds. That's a lot of weight in one week!

While we don't think stress is entirely to blame for models' skinny runway appearances, it is worthwhile to think about what role it plays. Are those svelte runway strutters even skinnier than usual during the jam-packed week? We wouldn't be surprised.

Then again, stress is only part of the story. Just recently runway vet Alek Wek confirmed what we already all assumed: that too many models have a twisted, unhealthy attitude towards food -- and that that attitude results in many dropped kilos.

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