12/14/2011 07:11 am ET Updated Dec 14, 2011

'America's Supernanny': Playroom of Horrors (VIDEO)

In most households lucky enough to have space for a playroom, it's usually an area where kids can store their toys and play safely. However, on "America's Supernanny" (Tues., 9PM ET on Lifetime), Deborah Tillman encountered one that she described as being "like a house of horror."

As she looked around the foul-smelling, damp-looking basement playroom, Tillman discovered that not only were there dirty clothes piled in the middle of the floor, but that those clothes were infested with fleas from the family pets. And as if that wasn't bad enough, one corner of the room was covered in the dog's urine and feces.

Deborah's professional opinion? The playroom "symbolizes what this family looks like. It's unorganized, there's no respect for anything." Let's hope she can help this family get organized.

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