12/14/2011 08:33 am ET | Updated Feb 13, 2012

Chuck Todd Flips The Bird On Live 'Morning Joe' (VIDEO)

Chuck Todd was caught giving someone the middle finger on Wednesday's "Morning Joe."

The embarrassing moment came as cameras cut to Todd standing around with "Meet the Press" host David Gregory. Todd, apparently not aware that the camera was looking at him, was seen laughing and then flipping the bird at an offscreen person. David Gregory looked comically stunned and nervous, but nobody made any comment about the incident. Todd later apologized on Twitter:

"Morning Joe" is, of course, no stranger to profane on-air gaffes, from Mark Halperin's infamously calling President Obama a "dick" to Joe Scarborough getting into trouble for saying the "f" word repeatedly.

Watch the video above (via Newsbusters).

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