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Drew Peterson Movie Trailer, Featuring Rob Lowe, Released (VIDEO)

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Drew Peterson (left) and Rob Lowe as Peterson in
Drew Peterson (left) and Rob Lowe as Peterson in "Untouchable," the Lifetime movie premiering next month.

On Wednesday, Lifetime released a trailer for "Untouchable," the network's upcoming film based on the life story of former Bolingbrook police sergeant and murder suspect Drew Peterson, who will be played on the silver screen by Rob Lowe.

The 30-second trailer shows Lowe, as Peterson, proclaiming, "I'm untouchable, bitch!" to Cara Buono ("Mad Men"), who plays Kathleen Savio, Peterson's third wife, whom Peterson is accused of murdering. The film also features Kaley Cuoco ("The Big Bang Theory") as Peterson's fourth wife Stacy, who disappeared in 2007.

(Scroll down to watch the film's brief preview.)

"Are Kathleen's death and Stacy's still-unknown whereabouts just a tragic coincidence? Or is there more there than meets the eye?" the film's synopsis asks.

Peterson has been in prison since May 2009 after Savio's body was exhumed and he was charged in her drowning death. He denies any involvement in her death. Since he was charged with Savio's murder, the Peterson trial has faced continual delays and the case has even reached the Illinois Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Peterson issued a press release stating that the murder suspect deserves an apology from Illinois State Police after they cast "a huge cloud of suspicion" on him when they previously stated that his fourth wife Stacy is "missing and presumed dead." According to the release, Peterson "has always believed that Stacy is still very much alive."

Lowe is best known for his roles in the television series "The West Wing," in films including "Wayne's World" and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" and, most recently, as Chris Traeger in "Parks and Recreation." Lowe's transformation into Peterson reportedly takes a full nine hours to achieve.

Peterson's representatives previously issued a "cease and desist" letter with the hope of stopping the production earlier this year, but the film continued along as scheduled nonetheless. Peterson also suggested at one point that he would have preferred to have been portrayed by Denzel Washington.

The film will premiere on Lifetime on Saturday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. CST.

WATCH a preview of "Untouchable: Drew Peterson," starring Rob Lowe:

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