Gina Bianchini: Don't Focus On The Challenges Of Being A Woman

12/14/2011 11:40 am ET

When I think of top female entrepreneurs who have helped change the face of Silicon Valley, I think of Gina Bianchini. And so does CNNMoney, Fast Company (of which she has graced the cover), Fortune and Huffington Post. Obviously, we all can't be wrong. Plus, I have firsthand knowledge that this woman knows how to create a chill atmosphere. At the Women: Inspiration & Enterprise Symposium (WIE) she moderated a panel called "Women's Internet Entrepreneurs: Is There A Woman’s Ghetto?" Instead of a typical panel in which the four speakers sit at a table in the front of the room while the audience sits in the back row, Bianchini decided to change it up and have everyone form a big circle and go around and introduce themselves. The women discussed various topics brought up by both Bianchini and the audience which was made up of mostly budding entrepreneurs of all different ages and backgrounds. She also introduced me to the phrase, "A lot of people call your baby ugly in the start-up world," which will stay with me forever.

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