Magnolia Wellness Center, Orangevale Marijuana Dispensary, Giving Away Free Pot (VIDEO)

12/14/2011 01:50 pm ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

Magnolia Wellness Center in Orangevale may be shutting down for good, but it's going out with its head held high -- and its customers in a similar state of mind.

The medical marijuana dispensary, forced to close amidst pressure from county officials and an increased federal crackdown on the California cannabis industry, will be giving away free pot to its clientele on Friday before shuttering indefinitely.


“Everyone who walks through the door, we’re giving them a chance to win free meds,” Magnolia Wellness' Steven Lee told CBS News. The store boasts an impressive base of 40,000 patients, all of whom will need to find a new provider in the coming weeks.

Magnolia Wellness opened its doors in Sacramento County in early 2010, and has since grown into a thriving operation that offers onsite yoga and compassion-themed holidays. But according to the Sacramento Bee, Orangevale's heavily conservative community bristled at its presence, and officials have been trying to force its closure since day one.

In addition to the merchandise giveaways, Magnolia employees will be marking the store's last day with a party and holiday toy drive. But be sure to bring your card -- only certified medical marijuana patients will be allowed inside.

For more, take a look at the CBS News report below: