12/14/2011 08:49 am ET

Metro Times Launches Detroit Music Map

We love ourselves a good map, and we also love our rock and roll (and blues, funk, Motown, techno, hip hop, classical...), so hats off to the Metro Times for this online initiative that aims to map all of Detroit's music venues for posterity.

The alt-weekly's editors write:

It seemed like a crazy idea when we started — crazier as we went along. Sort through the musical history of this swinging-rocking-funking-thrashing city and come up with, say, 100 key sites that have made Detroit what it is, spanning decades and genres, spanning the region from the river north, and from east to west, from iconic incidents to obscure, but telling, episodes. And here you have 100 map points, from the offices of Jerome Remick (publisher of such hits as 1906's "Dill Pickles Rag") to the seminal spots for garage rock and techno.

The result? The "ultimate sightseer's guide" to Detroit music.

Metro Times says the sky's the limit for this project and is welcoming suggestions. So grab your your guitar-pick pushpins and figure out where to stick them at

You can also send comments, suggestions and annotated research to