12/14/2011 02:22 pm ET Updated Nov 27, 2012

Miami Ranked Vainest City In America

According to the daily deal web site LivingSocial, Miami is the vainest city in America. And they did more than hang out on Washington Avenue and Fifth Street for an afternoon; they got downright scientific about it.

Through the Mandala Research group, they asked 4,000 online users, including 200 from the Miami area, about their cites. They had locals rank their own attractiveness, the frequency of cosmetic procedures in their city, and how they rate the appearance of their fellow Miamians.

Miamians ranked themselves as more attractive than any other of the 20 media markets, but they weren’t so impressed with their neighbors. They rated Miamian men as only 38 percent handsome and only 53 percent of 305 women as beautiful. On the other side of the spectrum is Cleveland, which ranked as the most insecure city.

Not surprisingly, Miami locals reported that they know more people who have had laser hair removal, tummy tucks, liposuction and collagen injections. This means we have more augmentation than plastic Los Angeles, at least according to 200 random Miamians.

In addition to winning "Most Vain," Miami was also recently ranked among the most stressful cities in America by Forbes, the sickest city by Scientific American, and the least-educated city in America by that bastion of intellect, Men's Health.

With all this glowing PR, is it any wonder the young, gifted, and mobile are fleeing our city for greener pastures?

CORRECTION: A previous version of this post misstated that Miami was ranked the most stressful city in America by Forbes. Miami was in fact ranked the 13th most stressful city.