Quit Smoking: Could Where You Live Help You Kick The Habit?

12/14/2011 08:23 am ET | Updated Dec 14, 2011

It's not easy to quit smoking. Over 20 percent of Americans still smoke, and nearly 75 percent of smokers are considered highly dependent on nicotine. Kicking the habit for good requires a clear action plan and support from family and friends.

But where you live may also play a role in how easy or difficult it is to quit. The American Lung Association examined access to tobacco cessation treatments in each state to determine how "quit-friendly" each state is in its new report, "Helping Smokers Quit: Tobacco Cessation Coverage 2011."

Click through the slideshow to see the top and bottom five, then check out the full report for the entire list.

Quit-Friendly States


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