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Iowa Dog Reunited With Family After 3 Years, 70 Miles

Posted: 12/15/11 09:22 AM ET

Dog Missing

For more than half his life, a 5 year-old dog named Canyon has been without his owners.

That all changed when Carrie Lentner and Justin Ellyson, Canyon's owners, got a call from the Mercer County Animal Control Department, in Aledo, Ill., three years after Canyon went missing from their West Branch, Iowa home.

"It was March 1, 2008 and we'd only had him for about six months. And we left him outside to do his business like we always did," Lentner told

The couple says they had given up on getting their dog back, hoping it had been adopted by another loving family. They received the surprising call from the animal control department -- 70 miles from their home -- because the microchip in Canyon's back listed their phone number.

"She says, 'Well, it's a black one,' and I just started crying. I was like, 'It's Canyon! They have Canyon! We gotta go get him!'" Lentner told the new source.

Now, the three are just happy to have each other back.

"We probably would have driven any amount of miles to get him," Ellyson told

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