12/15/2011 04:47 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gay Couple Reacts After Being Told They're Going To Be Grandfathers (VIDEO)

Note: The above video contains profanity

It's easy to see why a video of a gay couple being told they're going to be grandparents is again going viral, just over a year after it was originally uploaded to YouTube.

The video features a young heterosexual couple sharing with the two dads the news that they're going to be grandparents. "So tell me what it's like now that you two are going to be grandpas," the man behind the camera says. "We're pregnant," the young woman adds.

We don't want to give away the magic that ensues following the announcement, so you'll just have to watch and enjoy for yourself.

The video has gained momentum again after being posted this week on the social sharing site Reddit.

Just weeks ago, a video of Zach Wahls sharing his experience with the Iowa House of Representatives about what it's like to be raised by two moms went viral for a second time, 11 months after his testimony.