Home Makeover: A Drab Junk Room Transforms Into A Fab Office (VIDEO)

12/27/2011 02:35 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Homeowner: Sheetal & Shakti C'Ganti.

The Dilemma: Sheetal & Shakti had an abundance of clothes, books, and 'stuff', which naturally led them to piling everything into this one room and using it as a storage space for their junk.

The Fix: Home makeover guru Ondine Karady turns this cluttered junk room into a functional modern office that doubles as a resting place for visiting guests by doing some major clean-up and installing new floating shelves and storage pieces.

The first issue Ondine addresses is the amount of excess clothes and junk in the room. For many city dwellers who live in small apartments, it's important to maximize on how square-footage is used, which means that every corner in a room matters. An example of inefficient use of space here is an awkwardly positioned bulky black dresser that pretty much dominates the room physically and visually. Thus, de-cluttering and removing the dresser along with the mountain of clothes and bags becomes the essential first step for Ondine. And as Ondine says, a good rule of thumb when it comes clothing is to donate pieces that you haven't worn in a while. If you're looking to do some de-cluttering yourself, here are some inventive ways to get a handle on clutter.

After that, Ondine tackles the haphazardly placed books in the room. While books are great when it comes to decorating and accessorizing, there needs to be order in how they are arranged in a room. For this tiny room, Ondine opts for floating shelves, which she installs vertically and horizontally against the blue wall. This not only frees up floor space but it also creates order in the room.

Finally, with all the junk gone, Ondine fixes up the room to reveal its true potential as an office space and a semi guest room. She outfits the space with a desk that can accommodate two people working side-by-side and places a pull-out sofa against the opposite wall. Accessories like a new magnetic board and framed sketches make use of vertical space like the floating shelves and also help enliven the room's visual appeal. Now, this cool modern office can also be used as a place to relax and read a book.

Click on items in the image below and scroll through the product rail to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.