12/15/2011 06:34 am ET | Updated Feb 14, 2012

'Hot In Cleveland': Elka Can't Be Nice To Joy On Her Non-Anniversary (VIDEO)

Perhaps it would have been more suspicious had Elka been nice to Joy. On what Victoria called Joy's "non-anniversary" -- the day she got left at the altar -- the girls tried to convince Elka to go easy on her constant target. But Elka could only be herself. It's what's made Betty White the breakout star of "Hot in Cleveland" (Wed., 10PM ET on TV Land).

"What are you doing with that dried up old thing," she said when Joy arrived, carrying a dead bouquet of flowers. When Joy explained it was her wedding bouquet, Elka clarified that she was talking to the flowers.

Joy did finally manage to find some solace, only after she hit a possible new rock bottom by climbing on top of a corpse at a funeral visitation to try and wrestle Melanie's dress off of it. That she was willing to was a sign of how low she'd sunk. In the end, both she and Melanie learned that sometimes it's best to leave the past in the past. Even Victoria shed a magazine she'd pilfered from the deceased featuring her young self after it made her feel she'd failed to fulfill the promise of her youth and ambition.

Meanwhile, Elka hooked up with an old flame, proving that at 89 you're never too old to feel the passion of love.

With her 90th birthday looming, her "Hot in Cleveland" co-stars have turned to the fans for gift ideas for Betty White. Fans can hit them up on Facebook or Twitter with their ideas.

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