12/15/2011 02:05 am ET | Updated Feb 13, 2012

'Survivor: South Pacific': Brandon Makes A Bold And Risky Move At Tribal Council (VIDEO)

After weeks of boredom it was finally time for the final five contestants to turn on their own in the penultimate installment of "Survivor: South Pacific" (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS). The result was one of the most interesting episodes of the season since Cochran first betrayed his own tribe.


Edna gave it a good effort and, like Cochran before her, she nearly beat Ozzy, but it's looking nigh inevitable he'll return, and with no allies. All of the spectators were trying to help Edna beat him as none of them want to face him in the finals. Ozzy hasn't played the best social game to this point, but the final five have played such terrible social games to the existing members of the jury, it might mot matter if he can make his way into the Finals.

He'll have his work cut out for him, as Brandon committed a classic "Survivor" blunder. Though in his mind, it's not clear if he thinks he made a mistake or if he thinks things went down as they should have. It was a very prayer-heavy episode, meaning all of the decisions were left to a higher power. Brandon won a hard-fought Immunity Challenge, and then felt a calling to forgive Albert's constant treachery by rewarding him with the Immunity necklace.

That freed up Coach to follow his own prayers in helping to vote Brandon out of the game. Or at least to Redemption Island where he'll face off against Ozzy in the final Duel of the season. The winner is back in the game with the final four and the race to the finish is on.

The two-hour "Survivor" finale airs Sunday, December 18 at 8PM ET on CBS, followed by a reunion special.

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