Golden Globe Nominations 2012: Angelina Jolie On Nod For 'In The Land Of Blood And Honey'

12/16/2011 01:43 pm ET | Updated Feb 15, 2012

For the second year in a row, Angelina Jolie has scored an unexpected Golden Globe nomination. But unlike last year's controversial nod for "The Tourist," this time, she's taking the honor quite seriously.

Jolie, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter after learning her directorial debut, Yugoslav War drama "In The Land of Blood And Honey," scored a nom for Best Foreign Language film, said, "I was on my way and turned on my phone, and saw the subject line on an email. I thought, this can't be. I never expected this... Just to be able to make a film you care about and then get a distributor makes you happy."

"Blood and Honey," a twisted war and love story about a Bosnian Muslim rape camp prisoner and a Serbian soldier, came out of Jolie's human rights activism, and was shot entirely in Europe, with actors from the region.

"The people felt as though the world had forgotten them," Jolie recently told "60 Minutes." "It was a time of great pain, and I wanted to depict how courageous people were -- without offending anyone."

When she learned of her nomination last year, for the panned European thriller film with Johnny Depp, she said she and her co-star, "were laughing because it's the first time that I've been in the comedic category."

One of the funny quirks of Hollywood awards season is the rush to release films in time to qualify for the big trophies. Oftentimes, that means general audiences, as is the case with the Globes and "Blood and Honey." So, whether or not the film deserves the nomination remains to be seen; until then, any controversy has been averted.