12/16/2011 02:10 pm ET

Cat And Dog Hug And Kiss (VIDEO)

Crossing enemy lines has likely never been this friendly.

It defies Animal Kingdom logic, but Luke, the orange Tabby cat, and Tally, the mixed Beagle, have clearly developed a truly inspiring friendship, er, romance -- complete with heartfelt hugs and kisses.

In this video, the pair is lying together calmly when Luke grabs Tally's snout, holding it tightly and hugging it. Tally reacts by hugging the cat back and resting her head on him.

Moments later, Luke kisses Tally before the two fall back to sleep. A match made in heaven!

Not enough heartwarming animal cuteness for you? Revisit this old cat-hugs-kitten video for more warm fuzzies.

Via Daily Picks and Flicks.


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