12/16/2011 10:55 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2011

Drew Peterson: Lifetime Movie Trailer 'Hilarious' (VIDEO)

Drew Peterson, the former Bolingbrook police sergeant and murder suspect in his wife's death, has become the subject of an unauthorized Lifetime network film -- and reportedly heard audio from the made-for-TV movie's trailer Thursday morning.

Peterson's attorney Joel Brodsky played the trailer from "Drew Peterson: Untouchable" to his client over the phone, who laughed and called it "hilarious," according to NBC Chicago.

Peterson's criminal defense team sent a cease and desist letter to the network and producers in July, after he had expressed disappointment that his character would not be played by Denzel Washington. Rob Lowe was announced as the title character in June.

But Brodsky says the Peterson camp is less than amused by the movie's possible side effects. He told the Chicago Tribune his team was researching legal options to stall the film's Jan. 21 broadcast date to preserve the objectivity of Peterson's trial.

"You can guess when we pick a jury, one of the first questions we're going to ask is, 'Did you see the movie 'Untouchable' and did anyone in your family or your friends?'" Brodsky told the Tribune. "I would say if you want to be on the jury, you probably shouldn't watch the movie."

WATCH the trailer for "Untouchable: Drew Peterson," starring Rob Lowe: