12/16/2011 08:14 am ET | Updated Dec 16, 2011

Eerie And Amazing Photos Of Chile's Atacama Desert (PHOTOS)

That the vast Atacama Desert of northern Chile is the world's driest place is hardly news: One city there, Arica, famously went 14 years without a drop of rain.

But recently more and more photographers and artists are drawing inspiration from the arid moonscapes, creating stunning video homages to one of the world's most unique places.

These artistically-inclined visitors follow the lead of astronomers who've long valued the crystal clear skies for star gazing, both amateur and professional: The European Southern Observatory has set up shop in the Atacama precisely because the sky is almost guaranteed to be free of cloud cover -- not to mention far from pesky light pollution.

The latest batch of photos from Chile to cross the HuffPost Travel desk come from Jacada Travel, a London-based travel company that runs trips to the alluring region.

Eerie And Amazing Images Of Chile's Atacama Desert