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Gifts For Kids: Classic Toys That Have Gone Digital

First Posted: 12/16/11 05:42 PM ET Updated: 12/22/11 08:46 AM ET

Remember when you had to sort out and distribute paper bills to play Monopoly? That was after you hiked four miles in the snow home from school, right? And remember when an Elmo doll couldn't talk? OMG, so 20th century.

These days Board Walk and Park Place can be bought with credit and Elmo's plays electric guitar. So, if you're not ready to abandon the classics, but certainly don't want to be accused of living in the past, here's a hit parade of toys and games that have gone digital.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition
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Amazon I $33.48

The goals are the same: get rich and stay out of jail.

What's different:
This version of Monopoly features electronic transactions with a new banking card system.

The best part: You won't find loose Monopoly money floating in the crevices of your couch the next day.

Filed by Jessica Samakow  |