Holiday Faux Pas: The 10 Biggest Dont's Of The Season

12/16/2011 05:19 pm ET | Updated Dec 16, 2011

Let's face it: we've all been guilty of imposing obnoxious Christmas music on our families, eating the last of the holiday treats before Mom's even gotten any, accidentally giving away the secret of Santa to a younger cousin, or committing other such holiday no-nos (regifters, you know who you are). Like any other event, the holidays have their own code of conduct, and following some basic rules of etiquette will make the season more pleasant for the entire family.

We've all committed our holiday blunders in the past, but you can make this year's family gatherings go a little more smoothly for everyone by avoiding these 10 seasonal slip-ups.

What's your worst holiday habit? Don't be shy -- share yours in the comments below!


Holiday Faux Pas
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