Say Yes To The Dress: Bride Jacy Good Talks About Her Tragic Accident

12/16/2011 07:43 pm ET

Most brides dream of their father walking them down the aisle -- or their mother helping them get dressed on their wedding day.

But "Say Yes To The Dress" bride Jacy Good won't have either of her parents at her wedding.

In this clip, the bride-to-be talks about the tragic accident that changed her life forever -- and how the incident has affected her Big Day.

In May 2008, Good and her parents were heading home from her college graduation when a young man chatting on his cell phone ran a red light. At that moment, a tractor trailer on the opposite side of the road swerved, hitting her family's car head-on. Her parents did not survive the crash.

"I was barely alive," said Good, who spent two months in a coma after the tragic accident. She now walks with a cane and has only one functioning arm.

Since the accident, Good has spoken out about distracted driving, helping with campaigns to ban cell phone use while driving.

"My parents should be here, and it's not OK that they're not," said the bride, whose wedding will take place next October. But although her parents won't be able to help Good in her quest for a wedding dress, she does have her aunt -- who has been "like a mother" to her.

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