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This YEAR In Unnecessary Censorship: 2011 (VIDEO)

First Posted: 12/16/11 09:04 AM ET Updated: 12/16/11 09:06 AM ET

Every Thursday night, we look forward to Jimmy Kimmel's "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship." But last night, we were treated with an even more special supercut: "This YEAR In Unnecessary Censorship."

You might remember such classics as the Shake Weight-happy news anchors or Dora The Explorer's disgusting encounter with a troll. And who could forget Kimmel's nonsensical bleeping of Obama's last-minute debt ceiling talk from the "Osama bin Laden is dead" room?

We honestly have a hard time figuring out how they got this in under two minutes. Re-live all the year's funniest "censorship" bits above.

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