12/16/2011 12:20 pm ET

TIME Person Of The Year 2011 List Snubs Notable Women For A Pretty Princess

TIME chose "The Protester" for its Person of the Year -- a generic label that may very well include women. (The magazine's cover graphic depicts an individual whose eyes and brows might be taken for either gender.)

But in a narrative that explains the process of picking, although the editors cite two women under consideration (Kate Middleton and Gabrielle Giffords) only one actually made the runners-up list -- the princess with the happily-ever-after marriage, not the Congresswoman shot point-blank in the head who has struggled for months to reclaim the pieces of who she was before the shooting.

Sorry TIME, but there's so much more to admire in Giffords than in Middleton. Haven't we outgrown the "someday my prince will come" myth?

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