A well-designed and executed Christmas lighting display can bring immeasurable entertainment to viewers of all kinds. Holiday decorations have become a form of high art with many spectacular examples.

However, not all Christmas displays are entertaining for their beauty and some can provide a heavy dose of unintentional comedy. Huffpost Religion hopes that you enjoy these examples of wonderfully tacky Christmas decorating as much as we do!

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  • Peace on Earth, but not on my lawn!

  • Classically Un-classic

  • Nothing runs like a Deer(e).

  • 'A' for effort

  • Traditional depiction of St. Nicholas

  • A Brontosaurus always brings it all together.

  • Minimalist Excess?

  • Taking advantage of all that yard space.

  • Bonus points for patriotism.

  • Colors!

  • Full Coverage

  • Neon Noel

  • Free Candy

  • Who says less is more?

  • Doing their part to keep utility companies in business.