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Christmas Movies Every Generation Will Love

Christmas Movies

First Posted: 12/17/11 12:26 PM ET Updated: 12/19/11 07:38 AM ET

Everyone knows the holidays are about spending time with the people we love. That's why we endure chaotic travel days, intrusive airport body scanners and petty familial rifts to be with the ones who matter most each December.

But when the popcorn is popped, blankets gathered and Christmas tree lights dimmed, the realization often sets in that whether or not we like to admit it, holiday films capable of holding our family's collective, multigenerational attention are few and far between.

That's why we love AARP's new list of Christmas movies that everyone will love. Sure, some of them are predictable but that's what makes them classics -- and perfect choices for a night in with the relatives. So remember these selections the next time you're faced with entertaining a roomful of youngsters, oldersters and in-betweensters, and thank Saint Nick for the gift of the holiday movie.

Enjoy a sneak peek of the top "Multigenerational Christmas Movies Everyone Will Love" below, courtesy of AARP.

It's A Wonderful Life (1946)
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Jimmy Stewart is perfect in this story of a man who thinks his life is worthless, but an angel helps him realize that he's made a big difference in the world. The story never ceases to inspire me. Lionel Barrymore is amazing as Mr. Potter - possibly the meanest bad guy in history.

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