12/19/2011 08:04 am ET

Elvis Dumervil Nails Tom Brady: Broncos Defender Lays Out Patriots Star (VIDEO)

Tom Brady won't likely forget Sunday's win over the Broncos any time soon, but not because the win sealed up another AFC East title. No. The two-time Super Bowl MVP will most likely remember New England's road win due to the imprint Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil left in his chest..

Facing second and long at midfield with a 34-16 lead in the fourth quarter, Brady and the Patriots were looking to put the game away, while Dumervil and the Denver defense were looking to avoid getting embarrassed. Denver rushed five as Brady took the shotgun snap and dropped back in the pocket. Dumervil charged from Brady's right side and immediately got into the backfield untouched. Brady, looking to his left the entire time, never saw Dumervil coming as the 27-year-old defender drilled the Patriots' quarterback.

Dumervil lifted Brady off the ground and slammed him on his back. To his credit, Brady got right back to his feet after the play. On the Pats' next possession, Brady orchestrated a nine-play, 80-yard drive that culminated in a rushing touchdown from Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis. After the game, Brady talked about the Dumervil hit.

"I was looking to throw the ball up in the slot and didn't see Elvis coming. He got me pretty good, but we really answered the next time we got the ball, which is important," Brady said. "When one of the best pass rushers in the league gets a clean shot, it's going to hurt. He got me pretty good. I'm sure I'll be feeling that one in the morning."