12/19/2011 05:59 pm ET

Gael Monfils Dancing: French Tennis Star Shuffles To The 'Party Rock' Anthem In Buenos Aires (VIDEO)

Public display: check. Full commitment: check. Outstanding moves: check.

Yup, by every measure, this is a great dancing video.

French tennis star Gael Monfils put on a show for the fans in attendance during an exhibition match in Argentina over the weekend. Monfils interacted with the crowd and started lightly dancing before going into full out shuffle mode while the "Party Rock Anthem" played.

While Novak Djokovic, the world's top ranked tennis player, also fancies himself a dancer, we don't think he can quite hold a candle to Monfils.

Monfils would ultimately lose in the final of the exhibition tournament to Marcos Baghdatis, but we're going to guess he didn't lose as many fans as he gained with his outstanding dance moves.

If Gael Monfils dances like this while losing an exhibition tournament, just imagine what he'd do if he ever wins an Open title?