Kim Jong Il Dead: CNN Bureau Chief Taunts Rivals Over Coverage (VIDEO)

12/19/2011 07:22 am ET | Updated Feb 18, 2012

CNN's Washington bureau chief sent a taunting message to his cable news rivals about their respective coverage of the death of Kim Jong Il on Sunday night.

The news of the North Korean leader's death broke late Sunday night — hardly an ideal time for news organizations. Coincidentally, the death of Osama bin Laden was also announced on Sunday. However, whereas that event prompted the highest, most immediate levels of coverage from all corners of the media, Kim's death was met with a good deal less urgency.

Still, the news was big enough for Sam Feist, CNN's Washington supremo, to crow that his network had switched from sleepy Sunday night programming to breaking news coverage:

MSNBC interrupted its tabloid programming for periodic updates, and Fox News eventually got White House bureau chief Ed Henry back on television to discuss the death. (Fox News had covered the story earlier, but switched back to taped programming.)

CNN also brought back Christiane Amanpour for the first time since she announced her return to the network. A blog post about Amanpour's late night phone interview called Amanpour CNN's "Chief International Correspondent," suggesting that she has immediately been taken back into the fold after leaving for ABC News.

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