12/20/2011 02:02 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2011

Most Expensive Ski Resorts In North America: Vail Beats Aspen To Top TripAdvisor List

A survey conducted by TripAdvisor and released in early December cautions travelers that a Vail vacation requires skiers to "shell out the big bucks." In an unsurprising coup, Vail beat out Aspen for North America's most expensive skiing Winter 2011/2012.

To calculate an average ski day, TripAdvisor added together the average cost of a hotel room, the average price of a (basic) daily ski rental, the average cost of a lift ticket, a burger and fries, and a beer. The result? One day at Vail, according to the budget travel website, rings in at a whopping $745.56. By far, TripAdvisor's most expensive (estimated) component is average lodging: $581.81 per night.

No question, skiing is an expensive sport, and according to TripAdvisor, Colorado resorts top the list:


Most Expensive North American Ski Areas