12/19/2011 02:34 am ET | Updated Feb 17, 2012

'The Life & Times Of Tim' Season Premiere: Tim Learns He Is A Terrible Tipper (VIDEO)

Back for a third round of what can only be described as its very own brand of humor, Tim discovered something valuable about himself on the season premiere of "The Life and Times of Tim" (Fri., 9PM ET on HBO). He is a terrible tipper.

The first hint wasn't a hint at all, but a rather blatant statement from the Chinese delivery guy after Tim gave him the quarter difference from the $9.75 total and a 10-dollar bill. "Your nickname to us is Mr. 5%," the delivery guy told him."

"I base it on distance traveled. You guys are like two doors down," Tim explained lamely.

That self-righteous arrogance and certainty, much like Larry David, came back to haunt him when he and Stu inadvertently tracked down Tim's old barber. The guy had moved and told all his "preferred" customers his new location, but neglected to tell Tim. After Tim basically told him to drop everything and give him a haircut right then and there, he was treated to a "reverse Mr. T."

The front half of this premiere introduced us to Tim's actual job -- not the one he's lying to his girlfriend about having -- with professional WNBA player Tanya. Without going into too much detail, Tim is her personal assistant and it is humiliating work, to say the least. No wonder that job interview was so important to him. It's too bad his reverse Mr. T was scaring the recruiting manager.

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