Bill O'Reilly Grills Mitt Romney: 'Are You A Tough Guy?' (VIDEO)

12/20/2011 09:45 am ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Bill O'Reilly interviewed Mitt Romney on his Fox News show Monday night, and pressed the GOP candidate on his conservatism and stance towards a potentially nuclear Iran.

O'Reilly asked Romney if he considered himself a "conservative thinker," or if he was simply posturing to win the election. O'Reilly said that, according to him, he was a moderate during his tenure as governor of Massachusetts. He added, "a lot of conservatives don't trust [Romney,]" and, according to O'Reilly, think of him as a "phony."

"I am conservative. I've become more conservative over time," Romney said.

O'Reilly also questioned the candidate's toughness when discussing a potentially nuclear Iran. When asked how he would respond such a threat, Romney said that he was "ready to make sure that we have military options, that combined with crippling sanctions—"

"Course we have military options," O'Reilly said. He later asked, "You a tough guy? You going to stare [Iranian officials] down?"

When Romney further discussed how he would "treat Iran like the pariah they are," O'Reilly pressed the candidate once again. "So you're telling me that you're tough enough to tell the mullahs over there...'look, you keep doing this, we're going to bomb you?'"

"We have to prepare for military action," Romney answered.

Following Romney's interview, O'Reilly asked Fox News political analyst Juan Williams to weigh-in on the candidate's interview. "Well I think you had him back-stepping, Bill. I think that was a tough interview for him," Williams told O'Reilly.

Watch parts one and two of O'Reilly's interview with Romney below:


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