'Billy On The Street' Exclusive Preview From Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

12/20/2011 02:56 pm ET

Comedian Billy Eichner's new show, "Billy on the Street", takes him to the sidewalks of New York City, where he approaches pedestrians at random and offers them money to answer a question of his choosing. If they answer correctly, they get to move forward to the next round, and if they're really good they make it to a question whose answer is completely subjective (ie: "Which makes more sense, Tori Spelling or a crop circle?"). It's a little like "Cash Cab", but with less emphasis on the facts and a much funnier host.

Eichner seems to particularly hit it off with the suburban mom demographic in his interviews, so if the show is anything like this exclusive Funny Or Die preview, you better believe we're in for more nervous chatter about Anne Hathaway's breasts and panicked banter about Lady Gaga.

"Billy on the Street" premieres on Fuse Thursday, December 22 at 11 pm EST.


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