12/21/2011 02:48 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Last-Minute Gift Ideas: Chevron Wrapping Paper

Photo by Holly Neufeld of Create*Loves

Chevron is one of those things that can take any old item from drab to fab...including brown craft paper! This homemade gift idea is simple to execute, but the end result looks high-end and completely impressive--what more can you ask for?

What You'll Need
Craft paper
Acrylic craft paint
Paper plate

How To Make It
1. Use your scissors to cut a triangle into a sponge, creating the chevron shape.
2. Pour your paint onto a paper plate and dip the sponge in, coating it lightly.
3. Use the sponge as a stamp and press the paint onto your paper. Repeat to form the chevron pattern.
4. Let it dry.

For the full tutorial, visit Create*Loves. You can also flip through the slideshow below for more great DIY gift wraps and be sure to check out our other homemade gift ideas.