12/20/2011 05:56 am ET | Updated Feb 19, 2012

'Next Great Baker': A Trip To The Emergency Room Is Good News For One Team (VIDEO)

A victory for Heather Grubb turned into a loss of sorts on "Next Great Baker" (Mon., 9PM ET on TLC). After coming in the top three in a Christmas dessert challenge, Heather was allowed to pick her own team for the next challenge, along with fellow winners Chad and Wesley.

But when no one picked Minerva, Buddy Valastro gave her not only the power to pick which team she would join, but also made her the new leader of that team. When she picked Heather's team, no one was happy to have her joining them, much less leading them.

The elimination challenge tasked the teams with making Christmas-themed cakes, but an argument in the kitchen turned ugly between Minerva and the rest of the team. When Minerva didn't show up right away the next morning, they thought maybe she was too embarrassed, or even had been sent home. Instead, she cited dizziness and was taken to the hospital.

Without her there, the team came together and even won the challenge, which was judged by Buddy, his wife and his sister. The women in Buddy's life didn't agree with him allowing Minerva to survive in the competition alongside her team -- she showed up again just in time for the elimination. But he stuck to his guns, and it was the end of the road for Wesley.

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