12/20/2011 03:52 pm ET

Sherri Shepherd: 'Saturday Night Live' Needs More Black People

Sherri Shepherd took issue with the lack of diversity on "Saturday Night Live" in an interview with Fred Armisen on Tuesday's "The View."

Armisen was on the show to promote his series "Portlandia," and the co-hosts replayed an SNL parody of "The View." Armisen plays Joy Behar, and does an impression that even Behar praised. "He totally gets my fidgetiness," she said.

That's when Shepherd raised the point that her character never appears in the skits. "Where's the people who can play me on the sketches?" she asked. "You gotta get some more black people on your show."

Armisen replied, "We're working on it," and said that Shepherd was "absolutely" right. The issue did not dampen Shepherd's enthusiasm for his appearance. Watch the segment in the clip above (via Mediaite).

Shepherd was repeating a concern that she brought up before. In 2008, she said that she would have liked to see Maya Rudolph play her. It wasn't Armisen's first time on "The View" either. He once showed up to the show as Behar.