12/20/2011 03:00 am ET | Updated Feb 18, 2012

'Terra Nova' Finale: To Save The Past, They Must Destroy The Future (VIDEO)

It was either the season finale or the series finale of "Terra Nova" (Mon., 8PM ET on Fox), and it was tailored to work in a way no matter how the fate of the show is decided. The season-long feud between father and son was decided, though in typical television fashion both would survive to face off another day.

More significantly, the strip-mining of Terra Nova was both begun and resolved in this two-parter. After losing Terra Nova to an invading private military brought in by Lucas and his cohorts in 2149, Jim and Taylor realized that the only way to stop them from bringing in more and more reinforcements until the colony is overrun is to destroy the portal from the other side.

So Jim snuck back to 2149 along with the first shipment with a plan to destroy. But he wasn't the only thing that found his way to the future. In a clever switch, the resistance shipped a carnosaur to the future in place of a planned shipment from The Badlands. It certainly made for a fun final run to the portal, with Jim trying to outrun both the destruction of Hope Plaza as well as a hungry dinosaur nipping at his heels.

In the end, victory was achieved, even if it meant the colony was forever cut off from the future. Now they could start anew with what they had, forsaking technology for a chance at a better life (a la the "Battlestar Galactica" finale).

The tease for a possible second season came in the form of a 19th century masthead from The Badlands -- that was the shipment the resistance switched for the carnosaur. How it came to be there and why the Phoenix soldiers went there after the destruction of Hope Plaza is a mystery to be solved either in a second season, or in fan's imaginations.

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