12/21/2011 03:55 pm ET

Dalmatian Puppies: 15 Dogs Born In Wales (VIDEO)

Even if dog owner Kay Sullivan is overwhelmed by her two-and-a-half-year-old dog Pebble's litter of 15 Dalmatian puppies, one thing's for sure: Cruella de Vil would be thrilled.

Despite the adorableness, Sullivan told the BBC that the surprise litter was much more than they bargained for.

"We were expecting an average litter of about seven or eight," the West Wales resident told the BBC. "We weren't expecting 15. It's a bit much."

Sullivan said that the playful pups are draining a little more than the family's energy, the Daily Mail reported.

"We're not breeders," Sullivan said, according to the news source. "They're already costing us an arm and a leg to be honest.'

A report by the Mirror wrote that Sullivan and her husband are likely to make back at least a portion of their money, with each pup valued at 450 pounds.

“One puppy is already sold to someone in Italy through a Facebook friend," Sullivan said, according to the Mirror. "But to be honest I will miss them when they go." Watch the puppies play with the Sullivan's daughter in the video above.

If you are interested in becoming a dog owner, consider adoption. Check out or the ASPCA website to learn more.

Over the summer, 16 Dalmatians were born in the U.K. to a dog named Milly. Check out photos from earlier this year of Milly and her puppies:

Photos released by Elvins Family/Newsteam/Getty Images.