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Bullfrog Playing Virtual Ant Game On Phone Gets Hungry (VIDEO)

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This much is clear: cats love iPads and laser pointers.

And earlier this month, we learned that certain bearded dragons love to play ant-smashing games on smart phones.

Naturally, this now-famous reptile inspired some copycats, like the African bullfrog you'll see in the video below.

We can just imagine how the conversation could have played out before it was filmed.

"Hey man, did you see that awesome video of the lizard playing that ant smashing game?"

"Yeah, bro. I wonder if my pet bullfrog can do it."

"Dude! Go get him. I'll get the camera."

As you'll see, the bullfrog is a natural. But something unexpected happens. Well, not that unexpected if you can imagine how unsatisfied the bullfrog feels after realizing that it's not getting a tasty treat each time it smashes a virtual ant.

According to The Maryland Zoo, African bullfrogs are not officially considered a threatened species, "but are possibly stressed by habitat loss, hunting, and over-collection for the pet trade."

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