12/21/2011 05:08 pm ET

Charles Barkley On Leno: NBA Analyst Talks Kobe Bryant's Divorce, Tim Tebow And Kim Jong Il (VIDEO)

The most quotable man in sports lived up to his reputation Tuesday night, appearing on The "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and touching on a number of topics including, but not limited to Kobe Bryant, Kim Jong Il, Tim Tebow and the addition of fellow outspoken athlete Shaquille O'Neal to "Inside the NBA" on TNT.

Barkley said that he felt for Kobe Bryant, who recently filed for divorce, but thought that his situation wouldn't affect his game this season because he's very mentally strong. When Leno told Barkley that Bryant's wife Vanessa was reportedly tipped off on Kobe's infidelity by the wives of some players on the Lakers, Barkley jokingly suggested that one of the keys to a cohesive NBA team is to "keep the wives and girlfriends away from each other."

On the topic of O'Neal, who will join Barkley as an analyst on TNT this winter, Sir Charles took playful shots at the recently retired big man, suggesting he should go on Weight Watchers. At one point he said that he was good friends with O'Neal, which prompted Leno to play footage of a scuffle the two engaged in as players in the late 90s. Barkley laughed off the incident, while still maintaining the fight was O'Neal's fault.

Barkley also briefly touched on Tim Tebow, explaining that he's a fan of the Broncos quarterback but he's "Tebowed out."

That lead to perhaps one of the best sports quotes of the year. While discussing how there are more important things going on in the world other than Tebow, Barkley described recently deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong Il as "my man with the perm who just died."

Oh Charles, you never disappoint.