12/21/2011 04:18 pm ET

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Procrastinating Shopper

Time for holiday shopping is running out and family members can be tough to shop for -- especially in this economy. That's why HuffPostBiz has put together a last minute shopping list with gifts for a variety of family members from your uncle CEO to your die-hard Occupy Wall Street cousin.

Got a father-in-law who used to be a client for MF Global? Well, he's going to need some help finding those lost customer funds.

What about a cousin who's tent suffered some wear and tear during the Occupy protests?

There's even some ideas for that most difficult brand of family-member to shop for: Members of the 1 percent. What do you get for the uncle who has everything? You can't buy him love, but you could get him a stereo set by The Beatles -- one of the only great things to come out of the 99 percent, according to some.

As for your parents, letting them know that you'll always, always be there to help and aren't going anywhere, anytime soon, and, in fact, not even really thinking about moving out, may be the greatest gift of all!

Happy holidays!

Here is the last minute holiday gift list from HuffPostBiz:

Last Minute Gifts For The Business-Savvy Family