12/21/2011 03:07 am ET | Updated Feb 19, 2012

'Storage Wars: Texas' - Victor Gets 'Taken to the Cleaners' For $1,600 (VIDEO)

There's a psychological game at play at auctions, and especially intimate ones like on "Storage Wars: Texas" (Tue., 10:30 p.m. ET on A&E). These players get to know one another, and they learn how to get into each other's heads. If one bidder can force the price up on a unit they don't want, they might be able to eliminate some contenders later in the bidding process.

RIcky and Bubba seemed to have a lot of fun pushing the price up on Victor for a unit that held a nice-looking scooter. Only they must have known something he didn't, because when he took it to get it appraised, he found out it was certainly not a special piece.

"It's a Chinese scooter," his appraiser told him. "They make 50 million of these things. It's like a disposable cigarette lighter. It has absolutely no value if it doesn't run"

Unfortunately, Victor didn't have a key so he had no idea if it ran. In other words, that $1,600 he wound up paying for the unit didn't make him any money at all. Ricky and Bubba, on the other hand, made a $475 purchase and found that one item alone in the unit was worth $7,000.

Catch "Storage Wars: Texas" every Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET on A&E.

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