12/22/2011 01:29 pm ET | Updated Apr 15, 2013

Design Inspiration: Christian Louboutin's Home In Elle Decor (PHOTOS)

When we say "Christian Louboutin," what do you think?

Super high heels with bright red soles?

The footwear designer of choice for glamorous people, both stylish (Sarah Jessica Parker) and, um...eye-catching (Kim Kardashian)?

These creator of these sparkly, studded AND metallic pumps that cost over $3,500?

Yes, yes and yes. Therefore, we were pretty surprised to see his decidedly low-key home in the new issue of Elle Decor. Actually, low-key isn't the right phrase. The polite euphemism would be "restful." Because it's definitely the type of place that might inspire one to get lots of sleep. Perhaps involuntarily.

That's not to say that it isn't well-designed, though. The lack of lots of distracting accessories and complicated furniture means the attention goes to both the gorgeous location (in the Egyptian city of Aswân) and the home's brilliant architecture. The archways alone are beautiful enough to stare at for hours.

Inside, the pared-down collection of furniture and accessories all have that almost rough-hewn texture that always works well in such a spare environment. Embroidered fabrics, waxes terra cotta and handmade furniture can stand out, even if they do retain a general neutral palette.

So we change our mind about the whole "boring" thing. This is just the sort of restful retreat that clears the mind when one works amongst rhinestones and sky-high heels.

For the full tour of Christian Louboutin's home, visit Elle Decor.