12/22/2011 04:57 pm ET

Kickstarter Project, 'Silent Lights,' Plans For Interactive Lights Under BQE (VIDEO)

The often traffic-snarled BQE may not be getting its much needed makeover to fix its dilapidated routes, but if the power of Kickstarter has its way, the BQE will soon have an awesome installation of interactive lights that change in light patterns in response to traffic from above.

"Silent Lights" is a new project designed by Brooklyn artists Shagun Singh, Valeria Bianco and Michelle Brick, who received a $5,000 grant from the NYC Transportation Department to help launch their temporary art installation underneath the BQE near the G stop at the Smith-Ninth Street station.

As their Kickstarter page describes, the trio want to provide a reason to connect, slow down, and interact with the installation along your commute. Details of the project:

Silent Lights is an architectural series of gates that frames a pedestrian pathway by day showing constant movement through shadows. It transforms sound into patterns of light at night as it mimics movement with led lights, reflecting and interpreting movement and sound. There are no blind spots, the path is always lit and each gate responds to create a dynamic installation. Cars drive by, microphones pick up the sound from traffic, a computer processes the sound and triggers each gate to light up sequentially. As noise increases, the light from each gate intensifies.

As of this moment, the group has raised $560 of its pledged $15,000 goal.

Watch below: