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Kissing Tips: Make Your NYE Make Out Memorable!

First Posted: 12/23/11 09:17 AM ET   Updated: 12/23/11 09:17 AM ET

New Year's Eve is the perfect excuse to steal a kiss from a new crush or your longtime boyfriend or girlfriend. When the clock strikes midnight, give your special someone a smooch they'll remember! Check out the below slideshow for a few sneaky ways to spice up your hookup style.

Who are you hoping to kiss at midnight? ;)

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  • Hollywood Hookup

    Make out like a movie star with a Hollywood-style smooch. The key to this kind of kiss is mastering the dip; wrap your arms around his neck while he takes hold around your waist, toss your head back as you lean backwards, then cue him for a kiss.

  • Lingering Lip-Lock

    Make your lip-lock last longer by leaning into it. Take your time and mix up your make-out style with different kinds of kisses: Start with a few short pecks and slowly move into more lingering kisses.

  • Gloss It Up

    Use flavored lip balm to make your lips look and taste irresistible. It will smoothen your lips and make for a sugar-coated kiss your date won't forget. (Stay away from anything too shiny -- a subtle surprise is key!)

  • Eye Lock

    When the countdown starts, lock eyes with him or her -- and don't look away until it gets to "one." Then, draw him in slowly and give them a kiss that counts. The anticipation will drive him or her crazy!

  • New Crush Kiss

    When faced with the question of 'will they or won't they?', you should take matters into your own hands. Being in control of the kiss shows them what you want in a way they'll <em>definitely</em> understand!

  • Coy Kisses

    Lean in like you're going for it, then pause right before your lips touch theirs. Lock eyes, wait a few beats, and flash a flirty smile before finally giving a soft kiss -- it will drive them wild!

  • Surprise Smooch

    Smooch them when they least expect it: In the middle of a conversation, at their locker, in line at the store... the possibilities are endless. The element of surprise is important for the most romantic, memorable kisses!


Filed by Sara Gartman  |